USARS Roller Derby 2016 Nationals Preview

Two Oly teams and rosters packed with junior skaters make up the 5th American derby championship.

USA Roller Sports and USARS Roller Derby are presenting the 2016 Roller Derby National Championships, held this year in Lincoln, Neb. The event is a part of the combined USARS Nationals happening all this month, and is the capper to a full week of roller derby that included the JRDA Championships and Roller Derby Junior Olympic Games. Until … Continue reading USARS Roller Derby 2016 Nationals Preview

WFTDA Names New Executive Director

For the skater, by the non-skater? Maybe that's just what the WFTDA needs as a new top executive joins its ranks.

Cassie Haynes has been appointed as the new executive director of the WFTDA by its board of directors. The news comes via an official announcement recently made by the WFTDA. The WFTDA had been without an executive director since the end of last year, when outgoing director Juliana Gonzales announced she would be stepping down. After an “extensive search” through “an … Continue reading WFTDA Names New Executive Director

RDCL Battle on the Bank IX Preview

The best of the banked track play for the title in Philadelphia.

This weekend in Philadelphia, Penn., Penn Jersey Roller Derby and the Roller Derby Coalition of Leagues will present Battle on the Bank IX, banked track roller derby’s biggest tournament of the year. Eight teams from literally all corners of the United States will play over three days to determine a champ. Battle on the Bank is … Continue reading RDCL Battle on the Bank IX Preview

RDCL 2016 Rules Analysis

It took three years, but the banked track rule set has finally gone through enough changes for us to scrutinize it.

The Roller Derby Coalition of Leagues, America’s banked track roller derby organization, is in a pretty nice spot with its rulebook. Three years ago in 2013, the RDCL published a major update that completely changed the game, literally overnight, from slow derby to go derby. As banked track leagues and teams came to grips with … Continue reading RDCL 2016 Rules Analysis

Peanut Butter and 70 Jams

When a banked track game is running smoothly, there's a whole lot of jamming going on. Here’s the how and why of the most jam-packed RDCL game in history (so far), and what happens during high-jam games in general.

Something crazy is happening in Los Angeles on the banked track this year. The L.A. Derby Dolls have recently been engaging in some of the fastest-paced roller derby you’ll ever see. Like, really fast. The pace of play in L.A., and in the RDCL in general, has only been getting faster over the years. If the number … Continue reading Peanut Butter and 70 Jams

WFTDA Doubles Down With ESPN3 in 2016

A doubleheader from The Big O at the end of April will join Day 3 of Champs on ESPN's streaming schedule.

Last year, the WFTDA entered into a milestone partnership with ESPN to bring the final games of the 2015 WFTDA Championships to audiences on ESPN3, the online streaming portal of the sports giant. Today, the roller derby giant announced the partnership will be continuing into 2016, this time with an additional event added to the calendar. Once … Continue reading WFTDA Doubles Down With ESPN3 in 2016

Combined USARS Nationals Confirmed for Nebraska This Summer

The 2016 JRDA Championships and the AAU Junior Olympics will precede the American derby championships in Lincoln this July.

USA Roller Sports has finalized the schedule for the 2016 Roller Sports National Championships, to be held this year at the Speedway Sporting Village in Lincoln, Neb. USARS Roller Derby will officially kick things off on July 14 and 15 with Derby Nationals. The other USARS disciplines, including rink hockey, speed skating, figure skating, and the newly-added slalom skating, will hold their championship … Continue reading Combined USARS Nationals Confirmed for Nebraska This Summer

WFTDA Tests New Beta Rules, Issues Clarifications

A quick look at what's been happening lately with everyone's favorite roller derby rule set.

Even though the WFTDA did not issue a new rules update for the 2016 season, the association has still been working on making improvements to the rules of flat track roller derby that it publishes. Within the last few weeks, the WFTDA has announced two minor clarifications to the existing rules, and a set of two beta … Continue reading WFTDA Tests New Beta Rules, Issues Clarifications

FIRS Moves 2017 World Roller Games to China, Appoints Roller Derby Chairman

Barcelona will have to wait until 2019 to host the rollersports world, though FIRS Roller Derby is moving forward to get ready for next year.

In a surprise announcement made last month, the Fédération Internationale Roller Sports (FIRS) has declared Nanjing, China as the new host city of the 2017 FIRS  World Roller Games Championships. Nanjing replaces Barcelona, Spain, which was originally awarded the event last year. FIRS explained the sudden change in an announcement posted to its website. “Following the elections that have led … Continue reading FIRS Moves 2017 World Roller Games to China, Appoints Roller Derby Chairman

Banked Track Notes – Spring 2016

A summary of recent and upcoming banked track events, plus an update on the USA team playing Japan in Santa Monica this weekend.

There are scant few roller derby banked tracks around the country, but that doesn’t mean there is scant interest in them. We here at Roller Derby Notes realized that there has been a heck of a lot of things happening in the banked track community lately, particularly this month, which may have national implications. From a … Continue reading Banked Track Notes – Spring 2016

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