The Rollergames TV Show Soundtrack

An Another Derby Series extra: Music to wrestle alligators by.

Remember the 1989 TV show, Rollergames? You know, the mutant version of roller derby that had a figure-8 track, a jump ramp, and the infamous alligator pit? If you grew up in the 70s or early 80s you’re probably old enough to remember watching it. (If not, be enlightened with Another Derby #2: Rollergames, a WRDN retrospective and appreciation of the insanity that was the TV show.)

Rollergames was extremely well-rated, but financial issues doomed the show to an early death before a full season could be completed. Despite this, the show’s popularity spawned merchandise befitting of the show’s impact: A pinball machine, a Nintendo game, an arcade game—and yes, even a lunch box.1

Anyway, no expense was spared in the production of Rollergames. A big part of the show was its music, which included everything from a catchy theme song, intro music for the teams, halftime performances by artists—some of which were also skaters on the show—and even a team with a rock n’ roll theme.

The show also produced a CD soundtrack, which was released in 1989. Because this was early days for the compact disc format, not many copies were produced. Those looking to take a roll down memory lane with the pinball machine, the Nintendo game, and the arcade game need only go to YouTube to see these artifacts in action.

But because the soundtrack was released well before the digital music era, it was impossible to relive the musical memories of Rollergames without getting your hands on a rare, physical copy of the original album. The CD is decades out of print, it’s not, nor will it ever be available on iTunes, and the original production company behind the album ceased to exist once the television show went under, since they were the same company.

Despite these obstacles, someone has gotten their hands on the rare, physical copy of the original Rollergames soundtrack album. More importantly, that someone was kind enough to rip and share the CD, for all to enjoy. Now, it will forever exist on the Internet.

Let’s get ready to rock!

As a service to this great show, all 13 tracks from the soundtrack are here for the taking. There’s Rock and Rollergames, the show’s rockin’ main theme; the epic rock ballad that is All in the Game, to the amazing/horrible/hilarious Rollergator, the intro music for the alligator.

Yes, the alligator had its own theme song. This is significant!

Though the album, and the show itself, was produced at the turn of the decade, the vibe of the music is pure 1980s. It’s schlock, but damn it all, it’s quasi-roller derby schlock, and that should count for something in this day in age.

If you need some unique pre-bout music for your DJs, you want to be the life of your afterparty, or you just want a look back into what music was like three decades ago, check out the album. It’s a part of roller derby history, in the same way that 1980s pop culture is a part of American history. Whatever that means.

Listen to the Rollergames soundtrack on YouTube

Download the Rollergames soundtrack:
256kbps AAC | 128kbps MP3

Rollergames Soundtrack Album Track/Artist List:

  1. Rock and Rollergames – Douglas Cooper Getschal
  2. Hit and Run (Hot Flash Theme) – Tammy Hanson
  3. Kick Butt (Violators Theme) – David Sams
  4. Rock It (Rockers Theme) – Holly Fields, Tammy Hanson, Dar the Star, Debbie Darnell
  5. Rollergator – Douglas Cooper Getschal
  6. Made in the U.S.A. (T-Birds Theme) – Dar the Star
  7. Commissioner’s Theme
  8. All in the Game – Jarrett Michaels
  9. Show Off – Holly Fields
  10. No Brakes (Maniacs Theme) – Douglas Cooper Getschal
  11. Bad Attitude (Bad Attitude Theme) – Tammy Hanson
  12. Out of Control
  13. On the Way to Our Dreams – Douglas Cooper Getschal, Debbie Darnell

A very special thanks to Brian A. for obtaining and sharing this album!