Voting Opens for Roller Derby All-Star Game

Roller Derby All-Star Game

Voting for the RollerCon 2015 Women’s Roller Derby All-Star Game is now open. This year’s game will be the second one where the best skaters in the world, as voted on by the people, will engage in an East vs. West battle for supremacy.

Information on how to vote for your favorite derby skaters is available on the website right now. Participating voters will get an email with a private link to the ballot, where they will be presented with a daunting task: Selecting 28 total skaters—14 from the East, and 14 from the West—from a massive list of 863 candidates.

The list is so big due to a simplified nomination process that automatically included every chartered skater from the 40 teams that made the 2014 WFTDA Division 1 playoffs, accounting for the vast majority of the big names. In addition, anyone could nominate other potential all-stars that may have been missed this way, pushing the roll call count even higher.

Voting will run through June, after which point the top 14 vote-getters on each team will be invited to play in the All-Star Game at RollerCon, with the next six after that listed as Alternate-Stars that might get a chance to shine if one of the selected 14 can’t make it.

Last year, the inaugural Women’s Roller Derby All-Star happened on day 1 of RollerCon, Wednesday afternoon. The exact date and time of this year’s game has yet to be determined, since the RollerCon schedule is still in the building phase. It will definitely happen sometime during the convention, which this year is July 22-26 in Las Vegas.

So get voting! If you needed a reminder on the awesomeness of last year’s All-Star game, check out our video report: