WFTDA Releases Second Edition of 2015 Rule Book

Today, the WFTDA announced that it would be issuing a Second Edition release to the 2015 WFTDA Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby. The update, which also includes newly updated officiating documents, is now live in the PDF and online versions, and will soon hit the WFTDA rules mobile apps.

Since the initial release of the 2015 rules in December, the WFTDA has had to issue several corrections to the document. This latest round of fixes marks the third time in four months where the WFTDA needed to go back and make fixes for incorrect rules references in the body of the rules text or in the glossary of definitions.

This most recent change was significant enough that the WFTDA felt it necessary to officially label the latest republication as an official Second Edition. This doesn’t mean that the First Edition has been rendered obsolete, as virtually all of the main text and the majority of game-critical rules will be the same in both editions.

However, there is no indication that the WFTDA will be reprinting the hardcopy version of its rulebook to include the corrected errors. The WFTDA recommends to those that have purchased the physical First Edition of the 2015 rules to “download the the Rules Edits and Omissions document on the Edits and Omissions page and reference the Errata page” to keep up to date with any past (or future) rules fixes.

Along with this news, the WFTDA also announced that the MRDA would soon be releasing a Second Edition update to the MRDA-branded version of the rules, which will eventually be made available on the MRDA website.