WFTDA East Region Playoffs 2011: The Juggernaut in the Room

Playoffs, baby! Check out our first WFTDA regional preview.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Playoff season, baby! This weekend marks the first of four regional playoff tournaments to see which three teams from each of the four WFTDA regions will earn the right to compete for the WFTDA championship this November in Denver. But before we can get to the biggest of … Continue reading WFTDA East Region Playoffs 2011: The Juggernaut in the Room

The Pack Solution

A potential solution to a potentially serious problem.

There’s been a problem brewing in modern roller derby. If the last few months are any indication, it’s a problem that’s been getting worse and worse. I’m talking about jams during flat track games that take a while to get started…if they get started at all. Slow-pack starts, pack no-starts, non-jams. Whatever you call them, a lot … Continue reading The Pack Solution

“Self-Destruction” and the Integrity of Derby

People still think roller derby is about fighting and hairpulling. Tthe modern derby community isn't doing much to dispel the notion.

Update: It’s come to my attention that Mr. Watts isn’t actually a columnist for the the Vancouver Times-Colonist.  The commentary in question is actually a Letter to the Editor, which was not made clear at the time I found the piece online.  Regardless, the point I make in this post is still relevant, although it has been … Continue reading “Self-Destruction” and the Integrity of Derby

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