Prelim Roster Announced for 2015 Roller Derby All-Star Game

With RollerCon 2015 now less than 100 days away, anticipation is building for what is becoming one of the event’s signature bouts, the Roller Derby All-Star Game. The date for the second edition is now set, that being July 22, the first day of RollerCon.

The results of the fan vote are also in, as revealed in a Facebook post. The top 14 skaters from each region, east and west, plus an additional 14 alternates for each team, make up the preliminary list.

Your 2015 all-stars are…

As with last year, the final roster will not be set in stone until game time. Being voted to be an all-star game means a lot, but if a skater can’t physically make it to RollerCon or has other commitments during the weekend, they won’t be playing in the game.

In fact, it has already been confirmed that 2014 All-Stars Juke Boxx (London) and Fifi Nomenon (Texas) are out, requiring as-yet-to-be determined alternates to take their places in 2015. Several other skaters have affirmed their participation, however, including Bonnie Thunders, Jackie Daniels, Scald Eagle, Mutch Mayhem, Erin Jackson, and more.

The preliminary 2015 roster for the All-Star game is much larger than the final roster from 2014. This may be the result of the organizers making sure they have enough worthy skaters to fill any spots left open by non-participants, including those that may have to drop out at the last moment.

But many of the All-Stars that took the track for the inaugural game last year are, so far, set to start the game this year. Mix in a fresh batch of new All-Stars, and we’re liable to have another fun 60 minutes of roller derby on RollerCon Wednesday night.