A Velodramatic Opinion on Slow Pack Starts

To win the race, you need to let the other guy win the race. This works in one sport, but not another.

Many people in the derby community enjoy watching teams employ various strategies at the start of a jam.  You know, how blockers move off of the line or how they position themselves amongst the pack, among other things. Stuff like that.  The execution of these strategies include tactics like taking a knee before the start of … Continue reading A Velodramatic Opinion on Slow Pack Starts

History in the Making?

Knowing that what happened in present will be remembered in the future is a great feeling.

This past weekend marked a significant and very important next step in the evolution and growth of modern roller derby. The Spring Roll tournament in Fort Wayne, Ind. saw the coming-out party of the newly launched Men’s Roller Derby Association. Ten men’s teams played in 17 games, with one of them ending in a historic snap-streaking … Continue reading History in the Making?

Derby’s Biggest Day

Roller derby isn't the only derby gets its day in the spotlight.

In the world of sports, the first Saturday in May is the biggest day for derby in the world.  Thousands of spectators from all walks of life descend to one place to watch top athletes with clever names race around an oval track, showcasing their athleticism, strategy, and speed.  The event takes place all day, but the only … Continue reading Derby’s Biggest Day

The Pack Problem

Wwhy trying to make teams cooperate can't work when they are competing against each other.

There’s a problem brewing in modern roller derby. This problem doesn’t have anything to do with the schism between the flat track and the banked track.  It’s nothing to do with the drama over someone’s comments about how to skate. I’m here to bring to light something I believe is a problem that’s right in front … Continue reading The Pack Problem

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